About Weather

Weather is the force that determines the fate of a grapevine more directly than any other. It was the weather that created the soils the grapes grow in and it’s weather that dictates the vintage.

Weather Wines, conceived by Vintner, John Anthony Truchard, is a portfolio of Burgundian varietal-wines grown in their most perfect Californian micro-climates. Each Weather Wines bottling is a different expression of pinot noir or chardonnay unmistakably sculpted by the elements at its source.

Few grapes are more exquisitely sensitive to their environment than Burgundian varietals. These grapes grow best in cool-climate terroir where conditions align in a delicate balance: soil types, sun, shade, heat, cold, precipitation, and humidity. The slight variation of even one element shifts the ethereal beauty of these fragile, thin-skinned grapes, creating wines with astounding individualism and character.

Weather Wines is part of John Anthony Family of Wines. Each release of Weather Wines is a singular moment in time and place—no two can ever be the same.


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